Welcome to Tutoras! Tutoras is a Canadian EdTech company. At Tutoras, we believe that technology removes boundaries to learning, allowing students to excel in the most efficient and creative way possible. We are passionate about creating and supplying the best educational technology possible.

Tutoras develops first-of-their-kind products used by many learners, educators, and schools around the world. Our mission is to accompany young learners and accelerate their English learning so they may fit in with global educational needs.

Our Products & Services


■ Online Self-Learning System ■

Tutoras helps students excel! Featuring a comprehensive curriculum and real-time analytics, Tutoras delivers everything for students to self-learn and practice. Tutoras has set a new standard for online learning by delivering a truly personalized learning experience.


■ Language Examinations ■

International Public Examinations are important so that students are able to prove their own English ability when applying to schools, higher education or overseas studies. A good grasp of exam knowledge and related standards is important for students to succeed. Tutoras provides online examination training and mock exams for students to practice regularly. The full analysis works behind the scenes to provide students with the ability to review and enhance their skills effectively.


■ Virtual Classrooms ■

One-on-one video sessions with a structured teaching curriculum are conducted in English by Tutoras educators. Unlike other online- face-to-face learning options, Tutoras Educators are all from native English speaking countries and have fulfilled our high-level requirements and training sessions. They are experts in English language development and also have excellent online teaching skills.


■ Professional Training ■

Tutoras and its partners around the world have been at the forefront of education for over 20 years. A global network of individuals, schools group, universities, and commercial organizations 

dedicated to our mission of creating impact through international education. We provide the most direct and effective path to teaching in the digital age while giving educators the ability to earn their qualifications to teach around the world.


■ Overseas Study ■

Tutoras provides efficient and sincere education consultancy services to ensure the best match between students and schools that meet the expectations of parents. Tutoras chooses our partner schools with great care. We fully understand the academic background, culture and living environment of all our partner schools. Tutoras connects students to Canada and the USA.


■ Education Resources ■

Tutoras chooses only the most updated and valuable learning and teaching resources for students, educators, and schools. We also provide curriculum deployment for newly set up or restructured schools and learning institutions around the world. The online shop provides the best experience for individuals to quickly master new trends in both traditional learning and digital learning.

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